Finally, website software that makes client, developers and agencies equally happy, productive and financially better-off.

Based in the heart of Tech City in London

Born out of a leading digital agency in the heart of London; many years have been spent hearing about the failings of software in the web industry. So, after consulting with hundreds of clients, agencies and developers, we set about formulating a solution which makes them all happy, productive and financially better-off.

An obvious, yet refreshing solution

Our research identified that when you examine the space between open or closed source CMS options, neither really suits the needs of clients, agencies and developers. Decibel therefore is designed to bring a new, refreshing and exciting hybrid, by combining the best of both worlds.

Better for everybody

Decibel accelerates the speed and quality of web development, offers powerful yet intuitive tools to manage and improve web performance, and gives control to the client to own their licence and transfer the software to any developer, at any time.

Our team of developers and academics

Our team consists of academics and experts in usability, information architecture, user-interface design, back-end development, software engineering, support, training, project management and data modelling.