Asked why it is better than alternatives, any Decibel user will say it is impressively intuitive to use, yet it is actually the Decibel Open API that most noticeably sets it apart. The Open API enables developers to configure and extend Decibel by creating an App rather than editing it directly. This provides the following benefits.

The Open API, means Decibel retains its...

Decibel retains its integrity, robustness and stability.


The security that is built-in at every level remains intact.


The interface remains clean, intuitive and easy to use.


The core engine can be upgraded seamlessly.

The Open API means creating a Decibel App is...

Development is faster than a developer may have experienced, because Decibel already has a vast amount of pre-built functionality that can be activated or extended.


It is more cost effective than even those systems that claim to be “free” because less developer time is needed for the initial build, maintenance and future development.


The freedom of Open API means businesses can decide who to work with, completely removing the risk of lock-in to one agency or developer.


It is quick for developers to take over existing websites because they only need to look at the bespoke code in the App, not the large code base of the core engine.


The Open API makes the core engine completely extensible giving developers the control to use, extend or add to core code and functionality.

High quality

The Open API enforces best practice coding principles, ensuring high quality code is maintained regardless of the skill-level of the developer.


Unlike alternatives, the intellectual property rights in the App code can be assigned in full because they are distinct from the pre-existing software.