Decibel Community is a place for developers to talk, swap ideas and answer questions. They can also watch tutorials, download documentation and a free copy of Decibel, and buy and sell Decibel Apps.

What's included?
Decibel Marketplace

Developers can generate revenue by creating useful apps that plug-in to Decibel Framework or Decibel CMS for others to licence, e.g. a shopping cart or a news feed. Decibel Marketplace is where Developers buy, sell and share Decibel Apps.


These step-by-step tutorials guide you through the process of creating a website on the Decibel platform. Code samples are provided throughout, with each subsequent tutorial introducing more advanced concepts than the last.


Detailed API documentation through to best practice guides are freely available to Decibel developers.


Questions provide free access to the knowledge of the Decibel developer community, including the people who designed and built Decibel. Here you can discuss best practice, discover new ways of using Decibel or report issues you discover while developing.

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