Amongst other objectives, Decibel was designed from the ground up to make development easier, faster and more interesting. It provides access to sophisticated tools yet makes them exceptionally easy and rapid to use. Suitable for PHP 5.3 object-orientated MVC developers of any level, and supported by free tutorials and a dedicated community. Register for a trial today.

About Decibel
Free to trial

Decibel is cutting edge technology which developers of any level can download and learn for free. It is quick to understand and operate, particularly for PHP 5.3 object-orientated developers with experience of MVC frameworks.

Rapid development

Developers using Decibel can produce websites and applications rapidly. It enables them to concentrate on the interesting parts of web development, rather than repetitive bug fixing.

Developer community

Decibel is complemented by the presence of a developer community where ideas can be exchanged, questions asked, documentation downloaded, and Apps can be bought or sold.

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