Decibel is suited to websites, extranets, intranets and web-based applications of all sizes and complexity, and is popularly priced to make it affordable to all. Decibel CMS and Decibel Insight are useful for every business to maximise website leads and sales.

10 reasons to choose Decibel...

Decibel makes it easy to see how visitors are interacting with a website and provides the tools to make immediate improvements. It is used by consumer and corporate businesses in over 20 countries that score it 10 out of 10 for ease-of-use, flexibility and depth of features.


Decibel’s high-quality enterprise technology is offered to companies at a fraction of the price normally associated with such software. Created in a way that makes it easy to use, it is suitable for websites of any size and complexity.


When you examine the controversial space between ‘open’ and ‘closed’ source CMS options, neither of these rigid alternatives really suits the needs of clients. Decibel provides an exciting hybrid that brings together the best of both worlds.


Decibel Open API enables developers to create more stable, secure, scalable, extensible, useable and cost-effective websites. It makes them quicker to produce and easy to transfer to any agency or developer.


With Decibel and its easy-to-install free upgrades, no longer is there a need to replace your website and its CMS every few years. Use Decibel to reinvent your navigation, structure, layout and content, and attach a new design, as often as you like.


With IT security now a major issue for all businesses, Decibel is secured to its very core. With a level of PCI DSS compliance, it contains a number of configurable security settings that will give control and peace of mind to any demanding IT department.

50+ features

Decibel CMS provides 50+ features that help you manage your website. They include an inline contextual editor, which means a website administrator can edit content from the same front-end view of the website as a visitor. Just navigate to the page and start editing.

Visual heatmaps

Decibel Insight gives marketeers information they can actually use to improve the performance of their website. It includes features such as click maps, scroll maps, visitor identification and lead capture along with a host of other configurable reports that can be run as often as required. 

Google friendly

Decibel CMS provides full support for Search Engine Optimisation. On-page factors such as metadata are configurable at page level. Search engine friendly URLs and XML site maps are automatically generated and can be overwritten, whilst standard HTML is enforced throughout the site.

Creative freedom

Decibel CMS places no restrictions on the look and feel of a website. This gives designers the opportunity to fully express a brand through modern, accessible page layouts, without worrying about any restrictions beyond those general web standards. 

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