The Brief

Our sister company Decibel Insight wanted to create a new web application for their ground breaking visual analytics software, that could incorporate both fast reporting and innovative data visualisation for on-website visitor behaviour.

They needed an intuitive user interface that was just as fast as a desktop application but accessible from anywhere via a web browser. Furthermore, it needed to be useful and accessible to novice and experienced analysts and marketers alike.

In addition to the application, they also required a client-facing dashboard that allowed users to sign up for services and administer their own accounts independently.


Working closely with the Decibel Insight team we planned and identified the best path to delivery for their application.

Application Build

A Single Page Application was desired to separate the concerns of the business logic as well as provide a significantly faster experience.

API & Data Service

We helped Decibel Insight to build the necessary API's and data services to support their new application.


Our infrastructure underpins their service. We developed a global delivery network that allows them to scale vertically and horizontally to meet growth.

The Solution

We used a combination of front-end technologies to create a Single Page Application that would allow Decibel Insight to maintain a clear separation of concerns between its back-end business logic and front-end application which presented the information.

We created a custom front-end architecture with Backbone, Marionette and RequireJS that, using Grunt tasks, compiled into a single JavaScript application that would run in the browser. This has since been further extended and incorporated into a continuous integration workflow with Jenkins and GitLab.

Modern JavaScript tooling and a RESTful API combined with a robust hosting infrastructure and pat. pending technology, have allowed Decibel Insight to provide a market leading CX Analytics package that has underpinned their continued growth and success.

Decibel Insight is the proud winner of the 2015 Standout Adobe Marketing Cloud Innovation Award and Adobe Summit EMEA.

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