The Brief

My Expert People (MXP) is a specialist peer-to-peer recruitment community. They asked us to develop a scalable, disruptive application to put at the heart of their venture.

Put simply; they had a vision for peer-to-peer recruitment and wanted us to build something that had never been built before.

What We Did


Working closely with MXP we scoped and planned the applications business logic and architecture.

Application Build

Using the latest JavaScript and HTML5 technologies we delivered a lightning-fast Single Page Application.


We provided a scalable managed hosting solution that allows them to scale vertically and horizontally to meet growth.

API & Data Service

Robust data model and service to support application transactions and power the network.

The Solution

We spent several months working closely with MXP to identify and architect the best possible architecture and business rules to underpin the application. During this time we began data-modelling the API and creating the wire-frames for the front-end application.

As we where due to build an application as opposed to a website, we decided to develop a Pattern Library to manage all our front-end assets and styles. This allowed us to rapidly develop the application from modular front-end components.

Using JavaScript and HTML5 technologies we delivered a lightning fast web application underpinned by a robust API and data service which provided a network for users to interact and engage in peer-to-peer recruitment.

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